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Sunday, April 8

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4:02 PM

Thursday, March 29

it's school everyday. the dates are nearing! :\

check this out people!!

anw, shall blog soon! i'm really tired. and i mean TIRED.

11:06 PM

Sunday, March 4

today marks the LAST day of the lunar new year!

this year's reunion was pretty interesting, and the first few days of chinese new year were well spent with my loved ones in phuket! (:

spent my saturday night with my relatives from my maternal side! (thanks mel!:D) We were catching up on our lives and i was very well entertained by my dearest niece ashley! she's extremely ADORABLE! haha. she always ends her sentences in a super high pitch lah. :D
anw, i wish everyone a great '07 ahead! a year that will be filled with loads of love, happiness, luck and blah blah blah. most importantly, good health for everybody! (:

10:19 PM

driving's fun! :D

but i hate the theory part. failed final theory trial test TWICE! HAHAH. :D
this sucks.

i will work on it.

anw, we lost to storm yesterday. sigh. we really wanted to win the game. if not for me, we could have at least drawn with them. it really sucks. ): but it is already over. so we gotta work harder and i must go for more trainings. :\

dinner at the cathay was alright. celebrated my aunt's birthday.

and home now.

meeting SCs tmr. and i hope that the turn up rate would be much better and that everything be alright. yupp.

10:04 PM

Wednesday, February 28


today was alrights. managed to meet up with the scs. only 14 turned up! HAHA. hope the 2 BIT classes will turn up on monday. (:

we managed to settle some stuff. headed down to town to change a new watch. but they didnt have any more stocks left. ): good thing xiyao is gonna help me change the batteries! (: yay.

headed home after that while xiyao went to meet his girlfriend to be! HAHAH. :D it was raining so heavily when i reached serangoon! and i met my idiotic cousin at potong pasir! LOL. and when i reached the bus stop near outside my estate, i met another cousin of mine! LOL. so cute lah. (:

and im finally warm and dry! hahaha. (: okay, im really sleepy! i think i should nap soon before training! (:

im off!

4:17 PM

Tuesday, February 27

woohoo! finally my blog is alright! i cudnt blog for the past few days! ):

today's quite a fruitful day!

had 3 meetings today and all went well! (:

met my dearest bananas in canteen and settled some stuff and we are meeting the SCs tmr! (: hopefully everything will be fine too. we are not really expecting many to turn up cos 2 BIT classes are having chalet and some are working and all. :\ oh wells. guess we will expect more people on monday! mel, it's KARMA! HAHAH. i see it coming! okay, stop laughing! HAHA. :D

then met asia outdoor and the lecturers. location is finally settled! haha. we may even have a recee with the lecturers! woohoo! how exciting. but it's tentative, nothing is confirmed yet. yay, and good news, we are still sticking to the name iDARE! haha. it's good cos it is gonna be pretty useful for publicity in some way. (:

finally, met the fittywitty people! (: planned activities for the year and it looks pretty exciting! with activities such as cable skiing, rockclimbing and many more. oh, even volleyball at sentosaaaa! yippee! :D things are progressing pretty well. (:

went to town for dinner at pepper lunch! really enjoyed dinner with ah jeee, xiyao, cheryl and melllyyy! haha. was good catching up with each other. okay, we saw each other not too long ago. but we still had our fill of juicy gossips! esp for smellymelly! HAHA. what a big joke!

cheryl, xiyao and i bought new watches! haha. YAY! (: cheap thrill! LOL. but yayness, we love it! HAHA. but my battery is not working. oh no. ): have to make my way down to town soon! so troublesome! prolly go down on thurs after my first practical lesson! haha, pretty excited about it! YAY. (:

okay, i have to continue powerpoint for tmr! my dearest kevin banana is the best! (: hahaha.

i am off! ((:

11:43 PM

Thursday, February 22

12:54 AM

Wednesday, February 21

oh yay. jus got back from phuket last night.

it was alright. (:

day 1: checked in over at holiday inn. hotel's really nice! haha. they have quite kinky rooms tho. the toilet is like some viewing gallery from the bed?! LOL. no worries, they have a sliding door. so my roomies for the trip were my sister and my idiotic cousin, ming xuan. :D then we had reunion dinner at some function room. interesting reunion dinner cos the room was really grand and they had like some cultural dance throughout the whole dinner. food was alright, jus that the starters were already enuff to fill your tummy. (:

day 2: went to the pool. soaked ourselves in the pool and blah blah. okay, i cant remember what we did. hahaha. OH! recalled alr. went to watch transvestite show. haha. it is crazy. like man with big ba dangs dangs that looked artifically round. eew. and they are quite bitchy too. HAHA. like bitchy! hahaha. :D

day 3: i remember! cos day 3 was like the highlight of our trip! haha. we ATV-ed! YAY. it was damn fun lah. like full 2 hrs of fun, loads of it! (: initially had plans to play paintball. but didnt in the end. we went to sam's steak and grill house for dinner at the hotel. the place is really nice. (: waiter's quite cute too. what more can you ask for man! HAHAHA. :D finished dinner and then headed out for some shopping. shopping's quite boring. like all the shops sell almost the same things. so yeah. walked and walked and then headed back to zzzz.

day 4: free and easy! soaked in the pool again. went to the dirty beach across the road. wah, really damn dirty. plastic bags, cans and all. eew. but we still went in. er, to play with the waves?! LOL. then jill and i decided to go back to the pool to tan! hahah. and im really BURNT now. and it hurts like shit. totally! hahaha. like red and brown now. HAHA. if anyone hits me on my back now or for the next few days, they are gonna die!!! D I E. seriously. so keep a distance. bloody immigration, took so bloody long. hahah. reached singapore around 11 plus and got home at 12.

yup. it was jus a short getaway with my extended family. was definitely great. (:

so today, cleaned up my room! YAY. some sort. then scrubbed the car porch and i fell. HAHAH. then washed the clothes and all. maidless for now! nvm, form of exercise! hahaha. yup. then went for company dinner at tung lok. food was okay only. :\ service was bad too. hahah. ah whatever. haha.

okay i think i will upload some pictures. (:
oh yes,



11:08 PM